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Friday, 7 September 2018

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Urban area: Mandai, North Region
Offer type: Offer
Price: S$ 2,000


Contact name mansi
Phone +912067200000

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Transit Address is a registered brand of Unique Air Express which primarily offers shipping services and is based in Mumbai, India. Unique Air Express is a well known big player in International Logistics and Courier Services which is serving leading brands in India like Godrej, Mitsubishi, Jain Irrigation, Videocon, SKF Bearings, Finolex Cables and Lots more. Unique Air express is a trusted name in Import and Export Supply chain since last 12 years. There are thousands of our customers who shop in USA and ship to India or many of them send parcels from USA, UK to India to their relatives. Unique Air Express now started their service to individuals to shop internationally and ship to India under the name as Transit Address.
Transit Address is one of India's emerging, extensive, end-to-end online shopping and shipping logistics companion. Many times one comes across the situation, the product you wish is not available in India but you can see its availability in some other country like USA, UK, UAE etc. You can buy directly from those websites but most of them do not give delivery to India. Some sites give international shipping service like Amazon International shipping service, but it is not available for all the products you want or if it is available one may face custom clearance issues. Transit Address is a one-stop provider for International shopping and shipping to India, hassle free custom clearance and last mile delivery. Shop online from any part of the world. Currently Transit address started service for three destinations USA, UK, UAE ( Dubai ) and will start providing service for other parts of the world in near future. With high quality, advanced logistics and cargo services, it is the most preferred and trusted name when it comes to ship worldwide. Currently Transit Address offers free international shipping for the first international Shopping with our App. Transit Address helps you to grab lightning deals from various marketplaces from the ocean of Ecommerce.
Now selecting branded products from online shopping portals at the best competitive rate and receiving them at your doorsteps is now just a few clicks away. Experience seamless shopping and delivery experience while you save on money and time both.
You can purchase Electronic goods like LED Lights, Microprocessors, Head Stack, Laptop, Keyboard, Monitor display, Personal computers, Scanners, graphic printers, Hard disk drives etc from overseas with 0% Import duty and taxes.
Let’s see how.
You might have heard that for customers having GSTN & IEC, the import duty after GST is 18% which includes 0% Basic custom duty and 18% IGST. Meanwhile customers that do not have GSTN & IEC will pay 41.18% Custom duty.
Let’s see an example:
Suppose, A and B have imported a same Laptop from USA having basic cost equals to $ 899 i.e. Rs. 57,967
A has his own GSTN as well as IEC and B don’t have GSTN and IEC.
For A, Customs Duty after IGST
is 18%.
The taxes will be calculated as under:
•Cost of the Laptop= Rs. 57,967
•BCD + IGST = 18% of Rs.57, 697 =Rs. 10,434
A will pay = 57,967 + 10,434 = 68,401
A can redeem the Goods and services taxes i.e. Rs. 10,434 in return against the GSTN & IEC number.
For B, Customs Duty after IGST
Is 41.18 %.
The taxes will be calculated as under:
•Cost of the Laptop= Rs. 57,697
•BCD + IGST = 41.18 % of Rs.57,967 =Rs. 23870
B will pay = 57,967 + 23870 = 81837
Meanwhile B can’t have the advantage over IGST as he does not have GSTN and IEC.
In other words, A is getting the product in India with 0% Custom duty and taxes.
At one time or another, we want to make sure that you really want these valuable details that we send, so we’re asking you to go ahead of your commercial purchases at 0% Import duty.
For assistance, please contact our customer service.
Landline: +91 020 – 67200000